Personal/Custom/Private Van, Airplane and Motorcycle Tours ... & Shuttle Services on the Island of Oahu using Modern Vans - we have Airplanes for tours of Oahu and day trips or charters to the other islands.


We are the ONLY Tour Company in ALL of Hawaii Providing Custom/Private VAN, Airplane & Motorcycle Tours.


We have been named the "Best Tour Experience" on Oahu and have received the highest ratings on Trip Advisor.   

Our Van "Signature" tour is our Van Tour carrying only 1-6 People only and everyone in the van must be family or friends.  We take no second groups or strangers; that way we we can put our FULL attention on your group's wishes.


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  • Personalized - Private - VIP -  Customized Van, Motorccle and Airplane Tours of the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  Our All-Day, All-Island VAN tour on the island of Oahu is our "Signature" tour.
  • Half-days or full-days; anywhere on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Tours include snacks, sodas, juices, water, and adult beverages (Beer and/or Wine if you like, and we pay for them) and they are all included in your tour along with valuable and lovely parting gifts that last a lifetime as a memory of your experience with us.
  • Our vehicles are clean, safe, modern and air-conditioned vans with automatic doors and comfortable seating with excellent viewing. 
  • We are professional, comfortable, safe, gay friendly, courteous, entertaining, clean, informative and "on time."
  • We will take you to hidden spots on Oahu that most visitors (or even "locals") never see and witness places that the medium size or "Big Bus" tours cannot fit or will not go.
  • Full day tours can include pick-up at Honolulu International Airport, cruise ship or your vacation rental ... anywhere on Oahu.  See below for details.
  • Contact us for rates and available dates.
  •  or (808) 636-4965
  • Remember, this is a custom/personal tour experience to suit YOUR interests. This is NOT a "cookie cutter" type tour, so be sure to go to the "Itinerary" page on this site to see the possibilities you can experience. If you are looking to be herded around the island on a 15 passenger van or big-bus" tour with from 25 to 80 strangers and visit silly, rediculous "Pre-Planned" boring and uninteresting tourist-traps, then we are NOT your tour. 
  • This is a tour for all ages; we do NOT carry car seats for babies or very young children. If you bring a car seat for a young child, that is fine.
  • We also provide separate shuttle services to and from the airport, your hotel, vacation rental or cruise ship as well for non-tour customers.
  • Our tours go rain or shine; remember, it rains every day in Hawaii somewhere and then it stops. We have umbrellas in the vans for that reason. Without rain in Hawaii we would have no rainbows, no rainforest, no flowers and no plants and no fresh water to drink ... so we LOVE it when it rains.  
  • Again, be sure to visit the Itinerary Page for the possibilities and the Video Page for some real fun on this website.
  • "We have been to Oahu many times over the years.  We’ve done the large bus tours but never have we seen Oahu the way Keanu showed it so us.  It was so different and so wonderful and we never felt rushed.  We laughed all day and went to places we never even knew existed; and then at the end of the tour he surprised us with a beautiful gift to take home.  This was the best tour we ever took anywhere in Hawaii."  

Keith Szymcick, Rochester, Michigan          (808) 636-4965    


Why we have been named the "Best Tour Experience" on Oahu.

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Water falls and pond
Vista from Diamond Head
Private Air Tours of Oahu for up to three guests or day trips to the outer islands.

Private Air Tours of Oahu for up to three guests or day trips to the outer islands.

Snorkeling with turtles
Famous Waimea Bay