Huli Huli Chicken on the North Shore, Oahu. Delicious!

Snorkling at Electric Beach with the turtles. Doesn't get any better than this!

Waimea Bay with the Kirsch Family

Big waves at Sunset Beach, Oahu

An incredible day on Oahu. We visited the north shore and were taken to a beach were there were hundreds of protected green sea turtles coming up on the beach. What a day!  Wow, we were so close to them.

This is the Blow Hole on the east end of Oahu. It is almost always windy there with the Trade Winds blowing in from the East.  Did you see the blow hole shoot the ocean water up? So amazing!

This is Eternity Beach where they shot the movie From Here to Eternity.  Remember that passionate kiss in the sand with Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster?

Video Mix, Things to Do on Oahu!

This video was taken by my friend John Thompson at Sharks-Cove and Three-Tables snorkel stop on the North Shore of Oahu.  The snorkel site is named Sharks Cove because at low tide the cove reveals the shape of a shark’s head. The other portions of the video are taken from hiking experiences up Koko-Crater on the East end of Oahu.

Laie Point, North Shore, Oahu - A very spiritual place for the Hawaiians with amazing rock formations. We will definitely make this a stop as part of your experience with Keanu's Island Tours. Taken September, 2014.

Manoa Valley Falls and pool is at the top of a beautiful , easy/short/safe hike through a rain forest of giant tarot, bamboo, and other rare and interesting species in the rainforest. Wear good hiking boots or cross-trainers.

Snorkeling in Shark's Cove (There are no sharks; so don't worry. It is only "named" that because the cove itself is shaped like the head of a shark.